Scissor Lift Tables

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                    Single scissor lift tables
         Vertical scissor lift tables

                         Double horizontal scissor lift tables

                      Our standard lift tables can be supplied with an enlarged platform, with extras, or made to order.

                                  Mobile scissor lift tables
                     Tipping skips
                              Lorry loaders


Scissor lift tables from Sax Lift are of very high quality and all safety features are included. All Sax Lift scissor lift tables comply with EU requirements EN 1570-1 + A1, 2. edition 2014-10-09 and are CE marked to confirm that the scissor lift tables are manufactured in accordance with applicable CE directives for scissor lift tables.

Scissor lift tables can be delivered either as a standard lift table or as a bespoke lift table which is made to order for a specific use.

There are 4 different types of scissor lift tables. Lift tables can be Single scissor lift table, double vertical lift table, double horizontal lift table or super low lift table.

Double vertical lifting tables are used for heavy and very high lifts.

Double horizontal lifting tables are used for lifting long material.

Super low lifting tables are used mostly in connection with loading and offloading using pallet trucks.

Scissor lift tables from Sax Lift can be mounted directly on the floor or be placed in a pit.

IMPORTANT: Every scissor lift table has a capacity in kilos (kg) as the maximum weight load- IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE PLATFORM IS EVEN LOADED

The Lifting Tables are delivered with installation /instructions and maintenance manual in English. It is important to read the instructions before using the table.

Scissor lift tables from Sax Lift are equipped with safety pawl. The safety pawl is a mechanical lock preventing the lift table in lowering. It is important always to use the safety pawl when doing service or maintenance on the lift table.

Power supply for the lifting tables is 3 phase, 380-415V 16Amp.

The lift tables are as standard painted with a grey platform, black cross and black bottom frame

Bearings on each lift table are maintenance free.

All Sax Lift scissor lift tables come with a safety bar. The safety bar is made of solid aluminium and mounted underneath the platform all way round. The movement of the lift table comes to a standstill at once when someone / something touches the safety bar and therefore prevent anyone having an accident when lowering the lift table.

Every scissor lift table from Sax Lift is equipped with a shut-off valve. This means that the lift table can not be lowered if by accident there is a leak or break on the hydraulic hose.

Every Scissor lift table is delivered with a control box with 3 buttons. One button used to raise the lift table. One button to lower the lift table and one security button which stops the movement of the lift table at once when pressed.

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